Hide (Yamakishi) Yabuki
Tule Lake - Minidoka

Brick #1380   Wall Location  Column: 106   Row: 14

Hide Yamakishi was born in Izumi, Fukushima Ken, Japan, on October 10, 1897. She married Terumatsu Yabuki in Izumi on January 17, 1916, and came with him to Seattle on April 15, 1917.

They had four children, a daughter and three sons. Kane (Connie), the first-born arrived on May 2, 1917. Hidematsu was born in 1919 and died in a car accident two years later. Hideo's date of birth was December 18, 1921, and Kiyoshi's was April 21, 1923.

Hide and Terumatsu lived at Saal's Greenhouse in Medina for a time, but moved to the Hunt's Point Greenhouse in September of 1919. Other than during the war years, this is where she spent most of her life.

With Kiyoshi in 1928 and Kane in 1935, she returned to Japan for visits. She also visited in 1962, 1967, and 1972.

World War II broke out on December 7, 1941. Terumatsu was taken away by authorities three days later and wasn't reunited with the family until 1944.

Hide and her two sons were evacuated to the Pinedale Assembly Center and then interned at Tule Lake, California. Kiyoshi joined the Army's 442nd R.C.T. in 1943. Hide and Hideo transferred to Minidoka in Idaho, so they could be closer to Kane and family.

In the fall of 1944, Hide relocated to Spokane for a period of time before returning to the Bellevue greenhouses. Always a hard worker, she put in long hours in the greenhouses as well as caring for the family. She continued to work until she was diagnosed with cancer in 1977.

Hide loved company, flowers, and cooking. When time allowed, she made ohagi, osushi, bread, apple pie, and jelly.

In 1953, she became a naturalized citizen. She and Terumatsu celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1966.

Hide was 80 years old when she died at home in 1977. Her surviving family members included Terumatsu, three children and their spouses, nine grandchildren and their spouses and children.

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